Terms & Conditions

Whip Strips are sold in the following “standard” order selections: 1 for $9, 2 for $15, 3 for $19, 4 for $25, 12 for $49 and are available in various colors as outlined on this site. All other order amounts are custom orders and Whip Strip should be contacted directly to fill these orders. All standard orders are shipped free to consumer via 1st Class USPS Mail and generally take 3-5 days for delivery. Standard orders shipped outside the USA & Canada may take longer the 3-5 days. Whip Strip is not responsible for orders lost, misplaced or misdirected by the USPS. Whip Strip does not provide tracking capability for standard orders shipped through the USPS. Whip Strip can only guarantee that all standard orders are delivered to the USPS for shipping via 1st Class Mail. Whip Strip does not issue refunds for any shipment lost or not received by the purchaser. If during the order process consumer selects multiple color choices but does not select color(s) or the selection does not equal to the amount selected or Whip Strip cannot understand the color(s) selected by consumer because of typo, miscommunication or for any other reason, all consumers will then be shipped a color randomly chosen by Whip Strip. Whip Strip will provide replacement Whip Strips for defective Whip Strips. Any such Whip Strip thought to be defective and sought to be replaced should be sent to (Whip Strip PO Box #470423 Lake Monroe, FL 32747). Whip Strip does not provide replacement Whip Strips for excessive wear & tear or misuse. Whip Strip solely will determine whether Whip Strip will be replaced. Whip Strip does not assume any responsibility or liability for use of Whip Strip by individual while in use. Any questions or comments for Whip Strip should be sent to info@WhipStrip.com