How It Started…


Back in my early days of playing slow-pitch softball, you know aluminum bats and rock hard balls, I remember a guy who use to be able to absolutely crush the ball. I mean this guy hit seeds. This guy was a stud in our local area. I remember it like it was yesterday. He was using a Steele’s bat and when he hit it, man, the ping sound from his bat was unreal. We all wondered how he did it. His swing seemed so effortless and his balls carried a country mile on our open fields. He was not even that big of a guy either, but man could he hit. After every at bat, he would have this kid grab his bat and back into his bat bag it went. We all thought he had his own bat boy. The guy was kind of like a local legend in our area…

Then one day a rumor came out that he was using a 36″ bat. What? I thought a bat could only be 34” long. That’s right, apparently this guy had taken his legal 34″ bat and cut it in half at the handle, welded in a piece of metal somehow and then retaped over the handle. This obviously covered it up so no one knew what he had done. In essence, what this did was give him extra length and leverage on his bat… this translated to more bat speed & greater ball distance. It was kind of like everyone else was using 3 woods & this guy was swinging a Driver!

Once the gig was up on this guy, he had to go back to swinging 34” bats because all eyes were on him…and you probably can guess the rest of the story…

Well in theory, this is exactly the what Whip Strip will do for your bat length, legally of course!

Simply put…Whip Strip enables you, just by adjusting your hand grip, to gain extra length on your bat. Thereby taking the maximum legal bat length allowed from 34″ up to 36″. This extra length translates to 15% more bat speed.

Whip Strip does this by increasing the grip of your bottom hand and allowing you drop your pinky, ring or middle finger lower down onto the knob of the bat. This enables you to swing more confidently and securely because by dropping your bottom hand lower means you will have less palm & finger grip contact on the knob & handle.

Whip Strip is all about taking your current grip and tweaking it to gain maximum bat length & ultimate ultra swing performance!

If you use Whip Strip and do not change a thing in your grip, you will still see the benefit of greater grip and more confidence in releasing the top hand after batting the ball…. but you may never actually realize you full potential.

As players, in our constant efforts to always try to compete at a higher level and be the very best we can be…we are always striving to find ways to achieve this. I’m 46 years old now and I am still working on my grip using Whip Strip every day to find the most comfortable, yet ideal grip technique to achieve the greatest results in my swing.

To see immediate measurable results using Whip Strip….do this…if you butt your bottom hand against the knob, then slide your hand down & drop your pinky off the knob. More length! If you are already dropping your bottom hand pinkie off the knob. Then also drop your ring or even middle finger to gain more bat length. Work on sliding your bottom hand further down on the knob as far as you can confidently & safely. You’ll notice that Whip Strip allows you to do this securely. Take BP like this. Be patient. You’ll see the difference. The longer your bat, the greater the whip!

If you overlap 2 of your top hand fingers onto your bottom hand, then use the extra grip Whip Strip provides to gain a 3 finger or full overlap drop.

With Whip Strip you will learn how to grip a softball bat properly and swing for power and distance and speed. You should see your whip performance increase with the overlap.

Continue to work on your grip technique by moving your hands the furthest distance away from the bat head as they can be. Do this to create the greatest possible bat whip!

Don’t think this creates bat speed? Well then try choking up on the bat 1” above the knob and see what type of results you experience.

Using Whip Strip my swing has evolved from placing my bottom hand pinkie on the knob to placing the knob in my palm lined up on my middle finger and the results I have witnessed have been dramatic. Immediately this gave me 2” of extra bat length. Without Whip Strip I would not have nearly the hand grip strength, or confidence to do this. Now I am working on a full top hand overlap softball grip to work in conjunction with my new bottom hand grip to give me even more length & leverage.

In my opinion, it’s all about bat length & leverage to create greater bat speed. Really… it’s a matter of physics. The longer you can make the length of bat… the greater the bat head speed will be. The greater the bat speed the more performance you’ll achieve!

Whip Strip may seem “awkward” at first, as it did for me…but keep at it and with a bit of hard work, patience and practice you can take your game to the next level.

Then you won’t want to step in the batter’s box without Whip Strip…

ps. I would love to hear from you. Send me your video using Whip Strip and I’ll put it on the website or post a review of your experience on the Word on the Field page.

All the best!



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