What the Players are Saying …

“It really allows me to turn on the ball and create serious whip.”

- Jim Hayes, Senior World Softball Player

“I hit 3 out of 5 balls 300 feet in BP; never hit oue out in my life before.”

- Greg Olson

“Now I feel comfortable using overlap grip in game situations.”

- KC Pruit

“This gives me the edge I was looking for!.”

- Wally George


  1. Eli Hanson says:

    This is a very good product. Been using for about a month. I like it alot. Can hit the crap out of the ball using it.

  2. Hi there, You’ve performed a great job. I will definitely digg it and in my view suggest to my friends. I’m confident they’ll be benefited from this product

  3. heliellioff says:

    To purchase one of these is a great thing. I was skeptical but these are the real deal. take care.

  4. Rich says:

    You should have Big Steve Butler doing your promo video.
    It’s much more informative, and impressive than what you are currently presenting.


  5. With Whip Strip you will learn how to grip a softball bat properly and swing for power and distance and speed. You should see your whip performance increase with the overlap.

  6. Robin says:

    Holy smoke Batman. Whip Strip is the kapow. No, seriously. It works and works good. can really feel the ball jump off my bat now. mostly play usssa here in cali. just orderd some for my son who play AAU baseball. heck of a job whip strip

  7. Jeff says:

    Ok, i just started playing softball and I would consider myself a pretty good player. but i have never hit one out in my life before. last night i hit a friggin bomb to left field that cleared the lights no joke. i love whipstrip. i just ordered a few more in case the one i have wears out or breaks.

    • Ken Haight says:

      Felt very wierd at first. Not sure about it. Definately helps my grip. Well see if it helps my swing. Might take a little getting use to. Have batting practice scheduked for Sunday. Will post back after I use it a bit.

    • Julissa says:

      It’s much easier to drop fingers off the bat and overlap grip now using this product!

  8. Henry Zenman says:

    Tried Whip Strip today for the first time. As soon as I put it on my hand I immediately felt the grip and kinda got like a ahhh huh feeling. Felt great on bat and absolutely helps increase my bat speed. Took BP and the balls do seem to jump off the bat way more. Will update after a few games.

    Phoenix, AZ

    • Richard says:

      Paul,You can’t go wrong with whipstrip and using it in a game. It will also allow you to hit the ball and cut it which is really nice. Thanks! Sh

  9. Bubba, just Bubba says:

    Yes you can immediately feel the difference when you use this device. As soon as I out it on my finger and gripped the knob 100X better then without it… Immediately helped increase my bat speed & whip.

    • Steve DeChase says:

      Saw the buzz about whipstrip on SoftballFans.com website, decided to give it a try. Ordered and all I can say is Wow! I was skeptical. But works really good. Easy to drop bat after hit. Took a few swing to get use to it, but wthout a question helps my swing speed & distance. Can’t see stepping in the box without one now.

    • Dillian says:

      Stellar work there everyone. I’ll keep on rocking!!!

  10. Jason says:

    I play ball with Erik. Despite that fact:):):) kidding! I want to let anyone considering buying a whipstrip that they do work quite well. IMO they are as advertised. They lock in your bottomhand and release easily after contact. I swing with the knob in the middle of my bottom hand, and drop the 2 fingers of my top hand. So a somewhat overlap grip. I have noticed a tremendous increase in power and velocity in which the ball now comes off my bat. I would advise anyone to get one if you are a serious baller…

    • Almena says:

      Just do me a favor and keep making a great product, OK? I saw all the hype on softballfans about whip strip and all I can say is it really works. I can hit a softball homerun now:)

  11. Mr. Z says:

    WhipStrip is da Bomb! Overlap a cinch for me now. Had a hard time in the past with it, but this does the trick. Hittin the ball much harder. Hit a few 400′ +. About time

  12. Joe Singleton says:

    This thing is pretty cool. Definately feel like it helps my bat speed and the balls are carrying much furthur. Plan on buying a complete set for my entire team. Joe

  13. JJ Adams says:

    Wow! just got mine and tried it out dry swinging. l really like it alot. I was never able to completely fully over lap my grip and now I can. Will update once I use it in a game…